Easy ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Being more eco-friendly shouldn't be a chore!  I mean let's be real, we have enough of those.  Check out these simple ways to be a little greener.  Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

  • Ditch the single use plastic. It's said that plastic items can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in landfills. Switch to recyclable reusable bottles and containers.
  • Repurpose product packaging. There is a lot of online shopping going on in these times. And with that comes extra packaging.  Be sure to recycle cardboard boxes and fillers, and get organized by repurposing boxes for storage around the house. For the packaging that isn't as aesthetically pleasing, use it under the sink or in the linen closet.
  • Go meatless one (or more) meals a week. Large consumption of meat increases our carbon footprint by using water and soil and cutting down trees for land.  By substituting plant based protein we can reduce this impact. Not to mention, the extra nutrients and vegetables are great for your heart.
  • Use non-toxic, green cleaning products for household cleaning and laundry.  Strong chemicals and added fragrance used throughout the home leak into our soil and eventually into our water disrupting natural habitats and causing health issues. Keep your environment toxic free by choosing a green cleaner and ever using synthetic fragrances.

These small but meaningful changes make a big difference in the environment. Think about the change we could see if everyone just did one of these!  Try them out and the environment and your well-being will thank you.

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