The truth about disinfectants

With the current health crisis, it's no surprise that many people are stocking up on household disinfectants and hand sanitizer.  And while there is a place for disinfectants (they are effective at killing specific germs and viruses), it's not always necessary to use them around your home.  Many disinfectants also have a "kill time" to remove the bacteria, of which most consumers aren't aware.  Furthermore, the chemicals and toxins in these products are harmful to our health and the environment.  Studies have shown that all purpose cleaning products (such as cleaning spray or soap and water) do an effective job of removing ALL germs from surfaces when consistently cleaned and wiped down.  An article by NBC News includes Hydrogen Peroxide on its list of effective cleaners and shares a quote by Catherine Roberts, associate health editor at Consumer Reports: “Regular cleaning with normal cleaning supplies does a great job of removing all kinds of germs, not just coronavirus, from surfaces.” 

As fall approaches and cold season is upon us, be sure to keep MomRemedy Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner on hand and consistently wipe down commonly touched areas such as light switches, door knobs, counter tops and sinks, where bacteria can breed. This will help to wipe away those germs and hopefully keep your family from catching too many bugs. 


  • Thank you for this important information. So good know there is something better out there to use.

  • This information is very important
    It need to be put out there for everyone to know 💫

  • Great info! I hate using harsh chemicals around my kids and pets. It’s such a relief to know I don’t need to!


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