Tidy tips for last minute holiday guests!

The holidays are upon us, hard to believe!  It feels we were just at the beach soaking up the sun.  As the holidays approach, you may have guests (from your inner circle) visiting, and sometimes those visits can happen with little notice!  Here are some quick and easy tips to tidy up the house at a moment's notice:

  • Main living areas: First things first, put toys and excess clutter away, the key is to have a spot for everything, and that means owning a variety of baskets and bins to make clean up easy and fun!  Then use MomRemedy to wipe down regularly touched surfaces and areas.  Prep the essential oil diffuser with some grapefruit or lemongrass, and I love using a lava rock to diffuse spearmint in the bathroom.  So fresh! 
  • Kitchen: Put all dishes, food, mail and other clutter in its spot.  Spray surfaces with MomRemedy -  the citrus melts grime, and the hydrogen peroxide lifts the mess to be wiped away with ease.  Wipe down the counters, stove and appliances and remove food spots, fingerprints and any smudges to achieve ultimate shine.
  • Floors: Use baking soda to freshen up carpets.  Baking soda is an excellent and natural deodorizer!  First, vacuum up any large crumbs or debris, then lightly sprinkle on some baking soda and let sit for three – five minutes, then vacuum.  To help create a fresh aroma, use MomRemedy (natural lemon scent) to wipe down hard surfaces. Also turn on an essential oil diffuser to diffuse holiday scent favorites like balsam fir and cinnamon
  • Bathroom: I love to reuse old gift boxes or containers to store all of my make-up, hair products and other toiletries.  Gift boxes are great because they are decorative and usually have covers.  Then use MomRemedy wipes or spray to clean up any makeup spots and quickly scrub the commonly touched areas.
  • Guest Room: Change the sheets and fluff the pillows, vacuum (using baking soda!), and dust quickly by spraying MomRemedy on hard surfaces and wipe clean.  Open the blinds and curtains.  Add fresh towels and an extra blanket to the end of the bed or on a chair.  On the night stand, add fresh flowers (or a candle), a book or two, and a phone charger. 

Presto!  You are fresh and ready to enjoy your company!

Happy Holidays!

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